Music. The dance begins. First, a right turn, then a fast left turn. A smile. Then a jump. The grand finale - a sparkle and shine. Applause! Which image do you have in your head? A superb ballerina dancing to classical music? Or a modern dancer to pop music? No matter which, it’s your idea of dancing and it's up to you which course you want to visit!

Preschool Ballett

4-6 years

In these lessons, little ones can get to know classical music while taking their first steps. The classes also incorporate simple elements of movement from classical ballet. The children not only improve their posture, but can also learn a sense of rhythm with these methods. This lesson is the perfect preparation for our ballet classes, available from 7 years old.

Price: €45 per month, 90 min/once a week


7-18 Jahre

Classical ballet trains correct body tension and posture - a valuable cornerstone for a dance career both classic and modern! Another great feature of these classes is that every lesson is accompanied by a pianist. Through a playful and fun introduction to the fundamentals, we learn the basic positions and body balance as well as ballet vocabulary ‘on the side’. With regular training, the difficulty level can then soon be increased. With enough diligence and a desire to train to a higher level, this also includes the learning of pointe work and the complete structure of the classical ballet. The courses are divided into two different age groups: 7-12 years and 13-18 years.

Price: €45 per month, 90 min/once a week


Lecturers and coaches

Alla Arkhipova

Alla is delighted to be able to share her experience and inspire children with the many types and forms of ballet instruction. And it is a true wealth of experience indeed. As a qualified ballet master, choreographer and dance instructor, she has been part of many worldwide tours and video productions. Alla enjoys sharing her love of ballet with students and was a ballet teacher and choreographer at Europa-Park for 13 years, having been responsible for the selection and choreography of many dances and shows, including the Variety Show, the dinner show and the Teatro Colosseo.

Elena Petrakova

Ballett ist ein Spitzengefühl. Nicht nur bei der höchsten Klasse, dem Tanz auf der Spitze. Elena freut sich darauf, diese Tanzkunst mit viel Feingefühl zu vermitteln. Großartig sind ihre Kenntnisse in diesem Bereich, da sie als Diplom Choreographin, Ballettmeisterin sowie Leiterin des Tanzkollektivs in den vergangenen 30 Jahren viel Erfahrung gesammelt hat. Mit dem bei internationalen Wettbewerben, Festivals und 2001 als Ensemble des Jahres ausgezeichneten Theater des Tanzes „Arabeski“ ist Elena Petrakova zu einer Größe in der Ballettkultur Kasachstans geworden. Davon zeugt auch die Regierungsmedaille, die Elena Petrakova für den Beitrag an der Entwicklung der Kultur in der Republik Kasachstan erhielt.

Brigitta Pal

Brigitta was a passionate dancer at the National Ballet in Hungary. In addition to this, she successfully completed a postgraduate degree and thus earned the title ‘Master of Advanced Studies ZFH in Dance Education’. Today, Brigitta oversees the direction of the Europa-Park Ballet with absolute passion. Having taught at many ballet schools, she brings a wealth of experience in instructing children and adolescents.


7-18 years

New York: cool moves and hot beats! The dance of the street, matured for the stage! With a great sense of rhythm, we train up body coordination and interpretation of the latest hip-hop, funk and R&B music. In Hip-Hop, we teach the basic techniques of each of the different dance styles. These include Old School, New Style, Lyrical and Funkstyle. The goal here is to teach and train to international level together. There are two different age groups: 7-13 and 14-18 years

Price: €45 per month, 90 min/once a week


Lecturers and coaches

Heinrich Hermann

Heinrich Herrmann is a dancer, choreographer and dance instructor. He has been German Champion multiple times, with his groups ‘Dopies’ and ‘Dope Skit’. Fun, motivation and passion are never missing in Heinrichs lessons. Come and see for yourself!

Ice Skating

4-11 years and 12-18 years

Get started on the blades! Steps, jumps and pirouettes await you. Figure skating originated in the UK, then spread all over the US and Europe, including to Rust. Music was combined with ice skating, alongside dance and ballet elements. Ice skating teaches the basic fundamentals that promote posture and body tension. This is then built upon with the learning of jumps, turns, figures and pirouettes. There are two different age groups: 4-6 and 7-11 years

Price: €45 per month, 90 min/once a week


Lecturers and coaches

Beatrix Tanyi

At the tender age of 6, Beatrix Tanyi took her first step onto the ice. Thus began her journey to ice rinks around the world. As an ice dancer and synchronised skater, she has travelled to countries such as Mexico, Italy, Spain and Greece. Beatrix has also achieved great success in her home country Hungary, and has already begun to pass on her skills to the next generation. Having spent several years as an artist in the Europa-Park Ice Shows, she is now even more delighted to also be a part of the Europa-Park Talent Academy's qualified coaching team and share her knowledge to our future talents.


8-14 years and from 15 years
We offer two groups: Beginners and Advanced

Top dances to the latest hits from the charts! Ballet and Hip-Hop combin into a popular dance style full of twists, jumps and kicks. From Afro-Jazz, through Mettox technique, to American jazz or your own style, many different aspects of jazz dance are taught. Foot and isolation exercises, plié's, footwork, contractions, strengthening and stretching are just a small part of our comprehensive program. Here, the schedule is as individual as the participants themselves. We offer two groups: 10-14 and 15-18 years

Price: €45 per month, 90 min/once a week


Lecturers and coaches

Erika Reiswich

Erika’s greatest passion in life is dance! She trained at the Freiburg Academy of Dance and went on to start a career as a professional stage dancer. She performs as part of the musical ‘Aida’ and loves to share her knowledge and skills to children in the classroom.

Technique Class

from 7 years

Holistic training strengthens all of the body's muscle groups, leading to better placement, coordination, control, strength, reach and flexibility. This basic technique is crucial for all dance forms and the setup of jumps, as well as for rotations and greater impact. This course is the perfect complement to the other dance classes.

Price: €45 per month, 90 min/once a week


Lecturers and coaches

Viktoria Tereschenko

Viktoria won first prize in 2000 for the ‘Instructor of the Year’ and has received numerous other certificates, such as the ‘Certificate of International Olympic Committee’. In addition to her high level of expertise, she is distinguished in her educational skill. With international experience in Moscow, Zagreb, Osihek and Tbilisi, she is definitely one of our best coaches.


Ab 9 Jahren

Breakdance is a very impulsive dance style. Through a combination of musicality, discipline and coordination emerges a style of choreography that demands individual skill not just in dance, but also acrobatics.

Price: €45 per month, 90 min/once a week


Lecturers and coaches

„The K“

The street dancer ‘The K’, who made a name for himself through the TV show ‘Got to dance’ has been teaching the group ‘The K. Crew’ since September 2015. ‘The K’ regularly hosts workshops in Romania, France, Italy, Peru and Japan. As a dancer, choreographer and model, he brings plenty of international experience and is an asset to the coaching team of the Talent Academy.


7-11 years

Do you love to be up on the big stage? When the music starts, do you have to move? Then our new course ‘Showdance’ is right for you! A colourful choreographic mix of jazz, contemporary and pop.

Price: €45 per month, 90 min/once a week


Lecturers and coaches

Ekaterina Alberts

Since she was 5 years old, Ekaterina has danced with passion. She completed her diploma in St. Petersburg as an instructor and choreographer, and has been involved in big productions such as the Europa-Park daytime shows. She loves to work together with children, develop great choreographies and to bring them even closer to the art of dancing.

Contemporary/Modern Dance

From 9 years

Excitement and grace, explosions and emotions - dance involves it all, and that’s what makes Contemporary / Modern Dance so exciting and unique. Let your emotions run wild.

Price: €45 per month, 90 min/once a week