Technique Class

3.00pm – 4.15pm
From 8 years

The technique class is an essential class at the TALENT ACADEMY: it serves as a foundation for all other classes, especially in the area of dance. The focus is on improving your physical skills. This way we create a solid foundation for your further training.

This integral training strengthens all muscle groups of the body and leads to better placement, coordination, control, strength, flexibility and stretching ability. Basic technique is crucial and important for all dance forms and for building jumps and turns. This class is the perfect complement to the other dance classes.

Viktoria looks forward to helping you develop your creativity and reach your full potential.

Viktoria Tereschenko is a dance coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.


Viktoria Tereschenko

In 2000, Viktoria won the first prize for ‘Coach of the Year’ awarded by the Baden-Württemberg Sports Association.

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Other classes


Dance | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 5 | From 8 years

Immerse yourself in the world of ballet
In our different ballet classes you will dive into the world of classical dance. Classical ballet trains posture, discipline, footwork and your strength and balance will improve.


Dance | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 7 | From 8 years

You too can become a B-Boy or B-Girl
What was once born on the streets has now become an integral part of hip hop culture. Take your body control to the next level and perform cool tricks on the dance floor.

Competition Group Contemporary (stage group)

Dance | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 7 | From 10 years

Stage Group
The Stage Group focuses on contemporary performances and competitions. Hard work, discipline and the right attitude are essential in this group. Admission to the group is only for advanced dancers and professionals.