Clear the stage!

Clear the stage for the acrobatics

A jump becomes a somersault and throwing objects in the air becomes a perfect juggling act. Physical movements and tricks are learnt to be performed individually or as a team.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you will find the right class for you with a range of different levels on offer. Our aim is for you to discover your passion and have fun doing it. Develop your potential with our coaches and excel.

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All Acrobatics classes


Acrobatics | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 6 | From 7 years

For beginners & advanced students
The acrobatics class focuses on body tension, balance and coordination. Beginners and advanced students alike are welcome. Flic flacs, acrobatic tricks and the basics of acrobatics are just some of the elements that are taught in this class.

Aerial acrobatics

Acrobatics | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 4 | From 10 years

Dancing in the Air
Fascination, inspiration and athletic challenge all in one: aerial acrobatics require a lot of strength, flexibility and endurance. During the individual lessons you will learn aerial tricks.

Circus gymnastic I & II

Acrobatics | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 6 | From 6 years

Body tension & flexibility
This class focuses on body tension and flexibility. There is a lot of stretching and preparing the body for acrobatic tricks.

Circus School I & II

Acrobatics | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 6 | From 4 years

Fascination of the circus world
This is the class where things really take off. In Circus School I, everyone over the age of 4 can playfully discover the world of circus, from forward rolls to trampolining. Circus School II is for the more advanced. Learn flic flacs, handstands and much more.

Group aerial acrobatics class

Acrobatics | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 4 | From 10 years

For beginners
This class is perfect for introducing you to the dizzying heights of aerial acrobatics. You’ll train without the motor pulling you up and the ground is always within reach. You will learn your first steps on a sling or straps with other members.
Basic requirement: You must attend another class at the TALENT ACADEMY to strengthen your muscles.


Acrobatics | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 4 | From 9 years

Head over H deels
It takes strength and coordination to learn or improve a handstand. Because a handstand is not just a handstand. Learn what is possible with the right technique.

Partner acrobatics

Acrobatics | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 6 | From 9 years (advanced)

For advanced students
As a duo or with several people. Partner acrobatics teaches different acrobatic skills as a team.

Preschool Acrobatics

Acrobatics | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 6 | From 4 years

Get to know the world of acroabtics
Preschool acrobatics is a gentle and playful introduction to acrobatics for children aged 4 and over. The perfect start to acrobatics at an early age.

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