Get to know our team of coaches

who will help you develop your full potential

Annamaria Ördögh

Mindset Coach

Die Schlüsselmomente beim Coaching sind: Zuhören, realisieren, Signale
von unserem Körper wahrnehmen, unsere Gewohnheiten bewusst und Urteils-frei annehmen, um eigene Lösungen zu finden.

Beatrix Tanyi

Ice Skating Coach

Beatrix Tanyi is a former ice dancer and synchronised figure skater who has celebrated successes in many countries around the world. For many years now, she has been wowing the audience in Europa-Park’s Ice Show. She is delighted when her students share her passion on the ice and her lessons focus not only on technical skills but also on respectful interaction and teamwork.

Beatrix Tanyi ist Ice Skating Coachin an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Bethan Bache

Tap Dance Coach

Bethan discovered her passion for tap dancing at the age of 6. She took her talent to the IDO Tap World Championships and brought back five gold medals to her home country of Great Britain with the group ‘Tap Attack’. Bethan has also been part of the Europa-Park Show Ballet since 2019. Her teaching focuses on the growth of her students: on the inside. She loves teaching and sharing her passion.

Bethan Bache ist Tap Dance Coachin an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Cecilia Alvarez

Flamenco Coach

Cecilia comes from a family of dancers and studied Spanish dance in Valencia. After a successful career in which she thrilled audiences at Europa-Park, she now passes on her great passion for flamenco dance to the members of the TALENT ACADEMY. For her, the best thing is to see her students embrace flamenco dance and lose themselves in it.

Cecilia Alvarez ist Flamenco Coachin an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Daniel Johnson

Acting & Musical Theatre Dance Coach

After studying on a scholarship at the ‘Stage School Humburg’, Daniel graduated from the ‘University of Paderborn’ with a degree in Popular Music and has been an inspirational all-rounder ever since. Whether as a singer, actor or voice artist, Daniel is on the road all over Germany. Numerous musical productions (‘Rulantica – The Musical’, ‘Tommy Tailor’s Dream Factory’ and many more), TV appearances (‘The Voice of Germany’) and live shows have allowed the German-British artist to grow as a performer. He also thrills audiences at Europa-Park shows. Most recently, Daniel is taking off across Germany with his band TEAM 5ÜNF.

Daniel Johnson ist Acting & Musical Dance Theatre Coach an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Devin Höfel

Hip Hop Coach

To improve his skills even further, he completed his training as a hip-hop dance teacher after his apprenticeship as a sports and fitness manager, which he completed in 2021. During this time, he has also had the opportunity to take part in numerous competitions and performances. He continues to train with internationally renowned choreographers and has worked on projects with some of them. In his classes, he passes on his love of dance with motivation and a high level of knowledge.

Devin Höfel ist Hip Hop Coach an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Dominik Büchele

Music Coach

Dominik became known to a wider audience in 2009 when he took part in the talent show ‘Deutschland sucht den Superstar’. This was followed by two solo albums which reached the German charts. Since then, he has been on the road with his band ‘Umleitung’, playing concerts all over the country. In 2016 Dominik graduated from the ‘International Music College Freiburg’ and now works as a composer, singer and guitarist for various projects. He taught himself to play the guitar at a young age and enjoys passing on what he has learned to his students.

Dominik Büchele ist Music Coach an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Ekaterina Robakidze

Mime-Drama Coach

Like her husband and training partner Ucha, Ekaterine was born in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi. Her passion for dance began at the age of 5. She joined the folk-dance ensemble as a soloist and lead dancer and later, at the age of 18, began her diploma career as a ballet dancer at the ‘Tbilisi State Choreographic University’. After graduating, she worked as a dancer, character dancer and soloist at the Tbilisi ‘State Academic Theatre’ for Opera and Ballet. In Germany she learned the art of pantomime and worked for thirteen years as a leading actress, solo dancer and choreographer. She has won several international awards, including the Gold Medal at the National Folklore Dance Competition in St. Petersburg, Russia. Eka looks forward to sharing her passion with you.

Ekaterina Robakidze ist Mimodrama Coachin an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Elena Petrakova

Ballet Coach

Elena started ballet at an early age. Her love of dance led her to a career as a ballet teacher. After graduating from the Institute of ‘Culture and Art’ in Russia, she became a ballet master and director. The dance theatre ‘ARABESKI’ under the direction of Elena and Sergey Petrakov has represented the Republic of Kazakhstan at international competitions in Sweden, Bulgaria, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Spain and Italy. Gold medals, Grand Prix and 1st places are proof of the high level of the ensemble’s participants. The creative team, led by Elena Petrakova, has repeatedly been awarded ‘Best Team of the Year’ in Kazakhstan and Russia. Elena Petrakova has become a key figure in Kazakhstan’s ballet culture. Today Elena passes on her knowledge, skills and experience to the students of the TALENT ACADEMY.

Elena Petrakova ist Balletttrainerin an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Franziska Wolf

Contemporary & Stage Group Coach

Franziska began taking dance lessons at a young age and gained stage experience in various performances and competitions. Her passion became her profession, and she trained as a professional dancer and dance teacher. Through her international stage experience and ongoing training, Franziska teaches participants not only dance skills, but also important qualities for their future lives.

Franziska Wolf ist Contemporary & Stage Group Coachin an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Iurii Grynchuk

Acrobatics Coach

Iurii began his career while still a student at the ‘National University of Physical Education and Sport’ in Ukraine. The winner of several awards, he has amazed people all over the world: in North and South America, Asia and Europe. During this exciting journey he has gained a lot of stage experience as well as acrobatic expertise, which he now wants to pass on in the TALENT ACADEMY. Iurii is especially happy when he can inspire the students in his classes and see their progress.

Iurii Grynchuk ist Acrobatics Coach an der TALENT ACADEMY.


Dance Coach

As a former dancer of the ‘Hikasa Ballet’, she took part in the National Ballet Competition and won gold for her home country Japan.
Izumi enjoys passing on her knowledge to the young dancers in a playful and gentle way.
Continuous further training not only enhances her teaching, but also gives her students important qualities and a sense of achievement for their future careers.

Izumi ist Dance Coach an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Jennifer Lehmann

Cartoon Design & Sketching Coach

Jennifer studied ‘Media and Information Sciences’ in Offenburg, where she specialised in animation and character design. She has been working at Europa-Park as a character and costume designer since 2015 and has also worked part-time on various game and film productions.

Jennifer Lehmann ist Cartoon Design & Sketching Coachin an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Karine Stader

Painting & Drawing Coach

Inspired by ‘Art Nouveau’ and Japanese art, the French artist from Brittany paints on wood, paper or canvas. She plays with textures, collages, colours and uses a variety of techniques such as oil pastel, oil paint, watercolour, acrylic paint and much more. Her love of art was born in her cradle, as her father also worked as a painter. Karine would now like to pass on her fascination for art to her course participants.

Karine Stader ist Malen & Zeichnen Lehrerin an der TALENT ACADEMY

Katja Linse

Painting & Drawing Coach

Katja discovered her love of painting not only during her studies at the ‘Academy of Fine Arts’. Painting is her absolute passion and has been with her since childhood. It is therefore not surprising that over the years, creativity and design education have become the focus of her work as a trained educator. In her work, she provides students with craft and technical support. However, it is the mental and emotional tools for their artistic work that are incredibly important to her. She accompanies the members with a lot of heart in their individual creative expression and is happy to be part of their development.

Katja Linse ist Malen & Zeichnen Lehrerin an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Katya Ostrovska

Dance & DJ Coach

Katya found her talent in music and dance and became a successful DJ and dancer. She has performed on many international stages and holds a master’s degree in choreography. She loves to see her students develop and emphasises variety and growth in her training.

Katya Ostrovska ist Dance & DJane Coachin an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Luis Carlos

Circus School Coach

Luis Carlos was born in Rio de Janeiro, where he also graduated from the ‘National Circus School’ as an acrobat and juggler. He currently works as an artist at Europa-Park. He takes great pleasure in passing on his passion to young talents.

Luis Carlos ist Circus School Coach an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Martina Behrendt

Painting & Drawing Coach

Her path led her to work as a pattern maker in a textile factory, then on to creative and design courses and finally to a teaching qualification. Martina also completed her studies as a freelance artist at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lahr. Martina will conduct her painting and drawing lessons in line with her guiding principle ‘The joy of doing’.

Mathieu Schmitt

Music Coach

Mathieu’s passion for music flared up at the age of 11. Since then, the German-French musician has been active as a bassist, guitarist and drummer in numerous bands and projects. He completed his musical training at the ‘Jazz & Rock Schule’ in Freiburg, where he further honed his craft. Full of motivation, Mathieu is looking forward to giving his students a better feeling for playing together and developing their rhythm as well as intensively training their hearing.

Mathieu Schmitt ist Music Coach an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Mirko Büchele

Digital Piano Coach

Mirko discovered his love for music at the age of 12. He learned to play the piano and has since been involved in many different projects as a pianist, singer, bassist, arranger and composer. In 2015 he graduated from the ‘International Music College’ in Freiburg. He also composes music for film and TV.

Mirko Büchele ist E-Piano Coach an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Natali Schakhray

Dance Coach

She has been working at Europa-Park since she was 18 years old and has enriched the Europa-Park Show Ballet for 10 years. She can be seen on stage in various roles in the Europa-Park Dinner-Show. Natalie is looking forward to passing on her expertise to young talents and teaching them not only dance steps, but also all-important stage presence.

Natali Schakhray ist Dance Coach an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Ricardo Sacramento

Circus School Coach

For Ricardo, sharing his skills with children is not a feat, but a matter of the heart. He began his career by training as a circus artist at the ‘National Circus School’ in Rio de Janeiro. He has great skills in juggling, fire artistry, unicycling, stilt walking and clown animation. Thanks to his many talents, he has won the TV talent show ‘Se vira nos 30’ twice, and he delights Europa-Park’s visitors every day.

Ricardo Sacramento ist Circus School Coach an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Sergey Petrakov

Pianist Ballet III

He fell in love with music as a child listening to his mother sing. He learned to play the bayan, the guitar and later the piano. Sergey graduated from the conservatory and became a professional artist. He has toured with famous music groups in Georgia, Russia and Kazakhstan. As a co-author he was also responsible for the musical aspect of the dance theatre ‘ARABESKI’. Today Sergey is a pianist at Europa-Park and accompanies ballet classes at the TALENT ACADEMY. The greatest inspiration for him is when he sees the success of his students and they begin to understand the music.

Sergey Petrakov ist Pianist an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Tatiana Nock

Dance Coach

Tatiana has been performing on various stages since she was a child and has successfully completed her training as an artist. Her journey has taken her to China and to the stages of Europa-Park. In Preschool Ballet & Showdance I Tatiana leads the children into a colourful fairytale world. The children are introduced to their first dance steps in a playful way.

Tatiana Nock ist Dance Coachin an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Ucha Birkadze

Mime-Drama Coach

The art of mime has accompanied Ucha Birkadze all his life. He studied at the ‘Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film State University’, specialising in mime. During his time in Germany, Ucha was able to perform on numerous major stages. Since 2007 he has been a freelance dance teacher for drama dance mime and choreography.

Ucha Birkadze ist Mimodrama Coach an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Uta Tebel-Barth

Painting & Drawing Coach

“Science is the mind of the world, art is its soul.” After completing her studies, Uta’s path led her increasingly into the artistic field. Her passion for painting was awakened through her involvement in a tri-national theatre project. Uta has been part of the TALENT ACADEMY team since the very beginning. She is impressed by how children look at the world with open eyes through painting and try to express this with paint on canvas.

Uta Tebel-Barth ist Malen & Zeichnen Lehrerin an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Viktoria Tereschenko

Dance Coach

Viktoria won the first prize for ‘Coach of the Year’ in 2000 and has received numerous other certificates, such as the ‘Certificate of the International Olympic Committee’. In addition to her high level of professional competence, she stands out for her outstanding teaching skills. Her international experience makes her one of the best trainers around. In her lessons, she instils qualities such as discipline and perseverance and is delighted to see the progress her students make.

Viktoria Tereschenko ist Dance Coachin an der TALENT ACADEMY.

Yassine Barbouchi

Hip Hop Coach

He has won numerous prizes as a B-Boy at large and international competitions such as ‘Juste Debout 2007’, ‘World of Dance Netherlands 2021’, ‘World of Dance Belgium 2014’ and ‘UDO Europe 2014’ in Kalkar with his ‘Stand Up Crew’.
In Las Vegas, he made it to the top 16 in the qualifiers for the Hip Hop World Championships. Yes’in is also a regular guest in Los Angelos at large, well-known dance studios such as Millenium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio and Movement Livestyle, where he perfects his technique and brings the latest trends to his students. When he is not present as a jury member at international battles in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg or Switzerland, he wins these contests himself.
Yassine is happy to pass on his skills to his students.

Yassine Barbouchi ist Hip Hop Coach an der TALENT ACADEMY.