General Terms and Conditions of Business

General Terms and Conditions of Business of
Europa-Park GmbH & Co. Hotelbetriebe KG,

Europa-Park-Straße 4+6, 77977 Rust (Phone: +49 7822 860 5888)
regarding participation in the "Talent Academy" course programme:

§1 Registration
We undertake to provide the participant with a place on the course(s) chosen by him/her if the registration is completed in full in writing in good time and accepted by us, and if the fee has been paid.

§2 Course cancellation
We are entitled to cancel a course at short notice if the number of participants registered up to that point is too low. In this case, the participant will be refunded any payments made up until that point in time or an alternative date will be arranged.

§3 Postponement of individual course dates
The postponement of individual course dates due to unforeseen, external influences requires notification in written or verbal form. An alternative date must be offered. If no alternative date can be offered, the missed course date will be compensated with a credit note. However, if an alternative date is offered but the participants are unable to attend, there is no entitlement to refunds or credits.

§4 Payment modalities
As soon as the registration form has been signed (the signature of the legal guardian is required for minors), payment of the full fee will be due. Even if the participant does not attend the course through no fault of their own, the fee must be paid in full. No repayments will be made unless an exception applies in accordance with Sections 2, 3 or 5 of these GTC. There are no courses during holidays and public holidays in Baden-Württemberg. If, due to the holiday period (holidays end in the middle of the month), classes are only held for 2 weeks, then part of the fee will be waived on a pro-rata basis. From 3 courses per week, the regular amount will be debited. If not all the weekdays in the month fulfil the full number of courses, the regular fee will still be charged. If the training takes place 5 times in the following month, no extra fee will be charged. This will offset the previous month’s fee, as the full fee will be charged if 3 or more courses take place.

§5 Exemption from the obligation to pay
In special exceptional cases, especially in the case of serious illness or due to accident, however, a credit of the fee for participation in a later course is possible. The participant must prove such an exceptional case to us in writing and enclose a medical certificate. If the conditions for a credit are met, the credit will be pro rata for the outstanding lessons, calculated from the date of receipt (postmark) of the medical certificate. Payments are only accepted by direct debit.

§6 Charges in the event of a chargeback
In the case of unpaid direct debits, the bank fees incurred as well as a processing fee of €5.00 will be charged. This will be collected with the relevant monthly instalment or must be paid on site.

§7 Default of payment
If the customer is in arrears with payments and written reminders (e-mail is sufficient) are sent by Europa-Park Talent Academy, it is pointed out that €5.00 will be charged for each individual reminder due to the associated personnel costs and the material and postage costs.

§8 Payment for courses
The fee for a booked course is to be paid in full on the 10th day of the respective month at the latest. An annual lump sum will be charged at the start of the new school year/registration for courses in Painting & Drawing, Cartoon Design. The cost of the course is determined by the current price list. No refund will be made in the event of cancellation.

§9 Running of the courses
The design of the lessons, the choice of classrooms as well as the choice of teachers is always up to us.

§10 Accompanying persons
The lessons take place in closed courses. Third parties are not allowed in. For young people, the presence of parents or guardians is only permitted in exceptional cases (e.g. open courses for parents).

§11 Clothing
Special clothing is required for some dance classes in the classrooms. We will provide details in an appropriate manner before the start of the course.

§12 Change of course
In consultation with us, a change to another course type in the areas of "Dance", "Art" or "Acrobatics" is possible. In any case, the prerequisite is that there are places free on the course. Changing to a course type with a different price is only possible by observing the specified notice period in the originally selected course type and re-registering in the new course type.

§13 Supervision
Children up to twelve years of age are to be registered by parents or legal guardians upon arrival at the building and collected from the building. Our duty of supervision ends when the child is handed over and, for children over the age of twelve, at the latest when they leave the building.

§14 Intellectual property
Parts of the teaching programme, in particular choreographies presented and other course content, are our intellectual property. Any transfer to non-course members or other third parties is not permitted. Violations will be prosecuted by us.

§15 Termination of the contract
Courses can be cancelled with a notice period of one full month by the end of the month, but no sooner than at the end of the third month of the membership. If, after an adjustment to the timetable, the course times no longer fit, a similar course will be offered. The notice period and the duration of the contract remain unchanged.

§16 Extraordinary termination
In the event of long-term/serious illness or accidents or in the cases provided for by law which make participation impossible, termination without notice to the end of the month is possible by presenting a medical certificate.

§17 Price changes
A change/adjustment of the applicable prices/fees can be made by us for operational reasons, but by a maximum of 8% per calendar year on the respective monthly premium.

§18 Right of use
Photography, video and film recordings or sound or television recordings on our premises are only permitted with our written consent. We reserve the right to make picture and/or sound recordings of courses and participants ourselves and to publish them (also for advertising purposes). Where necessary, we obtain consent for this. There is no remuneration.

§19 Use
Smoking is not permitted in any of our premises. Mobile phones/smartphones are to be switched off during all courses in progress.

§20 Liability
We shall only be liable for damages insofar as we or our vicarious agents can be accused of intent or gross negligence.

§21 Modified contractual conditions
Any changes to the terms and conditions of the contract will be notified to our members in the form of a notice on display in our premises. They shall enter into force one month after announcement. Participants in our courses can object to changes to their disadvantage within a period of six weeks. In the event of such an objection, termination is possible within one month of such objection. If such notice is not given, an objection shall be deemed to be withdrawn.

§22 Ancillary agreements
Ancillary agreements must be made in writing.

§23 Ineffectiveness of individual provisions
Should one or more of the aforementioned clauses be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses. The parties undertake to replace the ineffective provision with one that is equal to or at least comes close to the economic intention of the parties.

Status: September 2022, subject to change.