Who are these classes for: children with previous knowledge, or are they open to all?
Everyone is welcome, whether they have prior knowledge or not. Each child, adolescent or even adult is sufficiently supported, so that they can soon be performing in the group. The Fitness section is open to young people aged 16+.

Do I need to be present as a legal guardian during the course hours?
No, this is only necessary during registration, due to formalities.

Are the children playing sports insured?
The children are insured from the moment of entering the Europa-Park Talent Academy to leaving the course. We assume no liability for valuables.

What about showers / changing rooms, etc. - are these included? 
The changing rooms, including showers, are of course available free of charge to the participants.

I would like to try a taster course - how does that work? 
You are welcome to contact us via phone on +49 7822 860-5888 (Mon-Fri: 12 - 6pm) or via e-mail at info@ep-talent-academy.de. We offer taster courses for the categories Art, Artistic, Music or Dance.

How can I pay? 
Payment is taken upon registration at the Europa-Park Talent Academy reception. We can only accept Direct Debit payments.

Can parents have a look round the whole place without signing up? 
We are happy to offer a free trial lesson in the areas of Dance, Art and Artistic, where the participants can get to know us and our premises. Parents are not allowed to enter and be present during class.

Can I park for free? 
Free parking is available during the classes, situated right in front of the Fitness Club.

For how long have I committed? 
The notice period for Fitness is 4 weeks to the end of the month. In all other areas, there is a notice period of three full monthly contributions to the end of the month.

What about the holidays? 
Our courses do not take place during holidays and public holidays (school holidays Baden-Württemberg). For longer holidays (more than 14 days), no fees are due.

Do music books have to be brought by the children? 
No, notation is provided free of charge.

Do you have to bring your own instruments?
Instruments have to be brought along. Only the keyboard is provided free of charge.

What happens if the child cannot attend the course due to illness? 
In this case, please inform us in good time. The missed course cannot be made up another time.

What happens if one of the coaches cannot attend? 
In the case of illness, a substitute trainer jumps in. If this is not possible, we always offer a new date to make up the missed class.

Is there a possible combination with Europa-Park admission / Clubcard Membership?
No, there are no benefits here.

Is a skate hire possible? 
No, we do not lend skates.

My child is only 3.5 years old. Can it still attend the 4-year course? 
The child is welcome to take part in a taster course. During this course, a consultation with the coach will decide whether, despite their young age, the child fits into the group.

Does my child need special training clothes?
Generally, the child should wear suitable training clothes. Here you can see some suggestions for each of our respective courses.

Can my child attend several courses? 
Of course, the child is welcome to attend several courses. Discounts may be applicable.

What's so special about the Europa-Park Talent Academy?
With us, kids, teenagers and even adults get to know professional training by international, experienced and qualified trainers. Our goal is to take every child, with or without previous knowledge, and train them into true professionals and talents. We organise concerts and performances for the parents, where the participants can demonstrate what they have learned.