Teenagers & young adults aged 14+

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Whether on the big stage, in a competition, a small performance or a video project. There’s never a dull moment at the TALENT ACADEMY. We offer a wide range of classes in dance, acrobatics, music, art & mindset.

With the help of professional coaches, you can develop your potential, build your confidence and make new friends.

Classes from 14 years

The classes enable teenagers and young adults to discover new talents and develop existing skills.

DJ school

Music | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 2 | From 14 years

Become a real DJ
Learn how to create your own music mixes and what you can do in the DJ booth with the right skills. You will make mix tapes and create the perfect sets for events. Katya is looking forward to showing you all the tricks in the DJ booth.

Drop-in class – Female Hip Hop – Beginner

Dance | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 5 | From 14 years

Drop-in class – for all ladies
The focus is on you in Female Hip Hop!

TALENT ACADEMY Band – No Borders

Music | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 1

No Borders
Do you love being on stage and wowing audiences? Our band ‘No Borders’ rocks every stage!

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