Cartoon design & sketching

From 9 years

Cartoon design & sketching is the class for anyone who loves to draw. Learn how to create a comic strip with the right techniques and exercises or design your own fashion collection.
Your skills will constantly be developed through creative projects.

Let yourself be surprised by what is possible with the right pencil strokes. Jenny will guide and support you from the very first stroke so you can continue to grow.

Current cartoon design & sketching classes:

  • Cartoon design & sketching I (from 9 years) – Friday, 3.30pm-5.00pm, TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 3
  • Cartoon design & sketching II (from 9 years) – Friday, 5.00pm-6.30pm, TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 3
Jennifer Lehmann is a cartoon design & sketching coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.


Jennifer Lehmann

Jennifer studied ‘Media and Information Sciences’ at the ‘University of Applied Sciences’ in Offenburg, where she specialised in animation and character design.

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Other classes


Art | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 7 | From 10 years

Lights up!
Acting classes teach you how to slip into different roles and embody emotions. What you learn is brought to life in the form of short plays. There is also an emphasis on pronunciation, which needs to be clear and distinct. This course will also help you with presentations at school or work.

Drop-in class – mime drama

Art | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 6 | From 9 years

Drop-in class – without a word and using only mime
If you think that storytelling always requires words, you have never seen mime. In this class you will learn facial expressions that you have never seen before, and mime will become a new dimension.

Drop-in class – Painting & Drawing Adults

Art | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 3 | Adults aged 18+

Get your brushes, get set, go!
Painting & Drawing teaches you techniques that will quickly turn your paintings into great works of art. You are free to choose the design and our coaches will guide you from the first sketch to the last brush stroke.