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Since 2014, dreams have come true at Europa-Park’s TALENT ACADEMY:
in the areas of dance, acrobatics, music, art & mindfulness, you can find and live out your passion. More than 30 professionally trained coaches will identify your potential and cater for your individual needs. Whether children, teenagers or adults – the academy is a place of creativity and inspiration for all ages.

Events, shows and national as well as international competitions take the practical experience at the TALENT ACADEMY to another level.

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Find your passion in dance, acrobatics, music, art & mindset!












Whether ballet, hip hop, contemporary, flamenco or any other style of dance, dancing is the hidden language of the soul and a beautiful way to express yourself without words.


Clear the stage!

Clear the stage for the acrobatics. A jump becomes a somersault and throwing objects in the air becomes a perfect juggling act. Physical movements and tricks are learnt to be performed individually or as a team.



Music is the language that everyone understands. Whether with groovy beats, soft or loud sounds or on your own musical instrument. Switch on the music, switch off your head!



The secret of art is not to seek it, but to find it. From the first brushstroke to the work of art. Those who prefer to be on stage can realise themselves in acting or melodrama and slip into different roles.



In sport and in everyday life – with a healthy and strong mindset, challenges can be overcome more effectively. Become the best version of yourself and grow as a person.


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Meet our team

Over 30 international and professionally trained coaches teach over 100 classes a week for young and old. Click through and get to know the TALENT ACADEMY team!

Katja Mack: Founder & Head of TALENT ACADEMY

Katja Mack

Founder & Head of TALENT ACADEMY

Theresa Wolf is part of the TALENT ACADEMY team.

Theresa Wolf

Team Manager

Focus HR, marketing, events, press

49 7822 860 5888

Raphaela Schneider is part of the TALENT ACADEMY team

Raphaela Schneider

Event Manager

Focus Events, projects, shows, competitions

49 7822 860 5888

Valentina Giamblanco is part of the TALENT ACADEMY team

Valentina Giamblanco

Front Office & Project Manager

Focus Front office, projects, competitions

49 7822 860 5888

Jacqueline Huber is part of the TALENT ACADEMY team

Jacqueline Huber

Senior Project Manager

Focus Cultural exchange programme, projects

49 7822 860 5888


Hip Hop Coach

bio ‘The K’ continues to showcase his skills on stages around the world and enjoys passing on his years of international experience to his students.

Beatrix Tanyi is an ice skating coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Beatrix Tanyi

Ice Skating Coach

bio Beatrix Tanyi is a former ice dancer and synchronised figure skater who has had a successful career in many countries around the world.

Bethan Bache is a tap dance coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Bethan Bache

Tap Dance Coach

bio Bethan discovered her great passion for tap dancing at the age of 6. She has won five gold medals for Great Britain.

Brigitta Kocsis is a ballet coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Brigitta Kocsis

Ballet Coach

bio Ballet lessons at the age of 7 laid the foundation for Brigitta’s artistic career. She soon realised that she wanted to turn her passion into a profession.

Cecilia Alvarez is a flamenco coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Cecilia Alvarez

Flamenco Coach

bio Cecilia comes from a family of dancers and studied flamenco dance in Valencia.

Daniel Johnson is an acting & musical theatre dance coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Daniel Johnson

Acting & Musical Theatre Dance Coach

bio After training at the Stage School Hamburg, Daniel graduated with a degree in Popular Music and has been wowing audiences with his all-round talent ever since.

Dominik Büchele is a music coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Dominik Büchele

Music Coach

bio Dominik’s popularity with a wider audience grew when he took part in the 2009 talent show ‘Deutschland sucht den Superstar’.

Ekaterina Robakidze is a mime-drama coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Ekaterina Robakidze

Mime-Drama Coach

bio Eka is the winner of several international awards, including the Gold Medal at the National Folklore Dance Competition in St Petersburg, Russia.

Elena Petrakova

Ballet Coach

bio A real force in the ballet world, Elena is a trained choreographer & ballet master.

Franziska Wolf is a contemporary & stage group coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Franziska Wolf

Contemporary & Stage Group Coach

bio Franziska started dancing at a very young age and went on to perform and take part in various shows and competitions, gaining a great deal of experience along the way.

Husam Aldori is a painting & drawing coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Husam Aldori

Painting & Drawing Coach

bio Husam was born with artistic talent. Trained in graphic design, fashion design and as a make-up artist, he has turned his hobby into a career.

Iurii Grynchuk is an acrobatics coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Iurii Grynchuk

Acrobatics Coach

bio The winner of several awards, Lurii has amazed people all over the world; in North and South America, Asia and Europe.

Ivam Da Silva is a dance coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Ivam Da Silva

Dance Coach

bio Ivam is an international dance and fitness presenter as well as a capoeira master from Brazil.

Jennifer Lehmann is a cartoon design & sketching coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Jennifer Lehmann

Cartoon Design & Sketching Coach

bio Jennifer studied ‘Media and Information Sciences’ at the ‘University of Applied Sciences’ in Offenburg, where she specialised in animation and character design.

Katja Linse is a painting & drawing coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Katja Linse

Painting & Drawing Coach

bio Katja’s love of painting did not only begin with her studies at the ‘Academy of Fine Arts’. Painting has been a huge passion that has been with her since childhood.

Katya Ostrovska is a dance & DJ coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Katya Ostrovska

Dance & DJ Coach

bio Katya found her talent in music and dance, becoming a successful dancer and DJ.

Luis Carlos is a circus school coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Luis Carlos

Circus School Coach

bio Luis Carlos was born in Rio de Janeiro, where he also successfully graduated from the ‘National Circus School’ as an acrobat and juggler.

Margarita Amann is an acrobatics coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Margarita Amann

Acrobatics Coach

bio Margarita loved performing on stage from a young age, leading her to become a trained circus performer and aerialist.

Mirko Büchele is a digital piano coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Mirko Büchele

Digital Piano Coach

bio In 2015, Mirko graduated from the ‘International Music College’ Freiburg. He now composes music for film and television.

Petra Guhe is a painting & drawing coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Petra Guhe

Painting & Drawing Coach

bio Petra is a freelance visual artist and graduated from the ‘Academy of Fine Arts’ in Lahr.

Polina Karvouskaya is a dance coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Palina Karvouskaya

Dance Coach

bio Palina is a passionate dancer, acrobat and Guinness Book World Record holder.

Ricardo Sacramento is a circus school coach in the TALENT ACADEMY.

Ricardo Sacramento

Circus School Coach

bio Ricardo started his career as a circus performer at the ‘National Circus School’ in Rio de Janeiro.

Sebo Falkovic is a hip hop kids coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Sebo Falkovic

Hip Hop Kids Coach

bio As a hip hop dancer and choreographer, he has a number of credits to his name, including his appearance on the TV show ‘Got to Dance’.

Sergey Petrakov is a pianist at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Sergey Petrakov

Pianist Ballet III

bio Already as a child he fell in love with music, listening to his mother sing. He learned to play the Bajan, the guitar and later the piano.

Tatiana Chebotar is a dance coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Tatiana Chebotar

Dance Coach

bio Tatiana Chebotar discovered her passion for dance at the age of 6. She began her dance training in the Ukraine with modern and classical dance.

Tatiana Nock is a dance coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Tatiana Nock

Dance Coach

bio Tatiana has been performing on various stages since she was a child and has successfully trained as an artist.

Ucha Birkadze is a mime-drama coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Ucha Birkadze

Mime-Drama Coach

bio Ucha graduated from the ‘Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film State University’, specialising in mime.

Uta Tebel-Barth is a painting & drawing coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Uta Tebel-Barth

Painting & Drawing Coach

bio “Science is the mind of the world, art is its soul”. After completing her studies, Uta’s path led her increasingly into the artistic field.

Viktoria Tereschenko is a dance coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.

Viktoria Tereschenko

Dance Coach

bio In 2000, Viktoria won the first prize for ‘Coach of the Year’ awarded by the Baden-Württemberg Sports Association.

The unique location of the TALENT ACADEMY, on the grounds of the Europa-Park Resort in Rust, makes it a magical place for all those who want to express themselves creatively. Learn more about the philosophy and the people behind the TALENT ACADEMY!

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