Insane! Our girls just finished 2nd in the Dance World Cup in Offenburg. Our group Green Miracles is the second-best group WORLDWIDE in the Mini Group Modern, Jazz & Show Dance category. Incredible! ????????

Opening ceremony for the DWC in Offenburg.
Here we go! :-)

Despite the hot temperatures, we’re training hard and pushing it to the limit ... Phoenix, here we come!

In her spare time, Alla Klyshta supports us through numerous projects. Thank you for the passion you bring to the Europa-Park Talent Academy and the loving, caring way you deal with the children. We appreciate that very much.:-)

As it happens, you can now take Hula Hoop training with Alla. For more information, please inquire with us.

What a great photo shoot with Eva Berten Photography!
Really cool pictures were taken :-)
Tomorrow, you’ll be able to see our ‘The K. Crew’ at the HipHop Benefiz 2017 in Offenburg.
Come by, it’ll be worth it!

Over the weekend, our trainers Olga Mai, Uta Tebel and The K. volunteered at the Freiburg Project: ‘Work with Children of Addicts’.
Sixteen youngsters were given the opportunity to try out and show off their artistic talent. After the painting and hip hop classes, the kids enjoyed an exclusive ride on the family attraction ‘ARTHUR’.
Many thanks to our trainers and all involved!

Happy Birthday Europa-Park Talent Academy!


The last three years has flown by so quickly. We are incredibly proud and look forward to many more eventful and exciting years. ????????????

Ornella, we thank you for your fantastic devotion and dedication which have enriched all of your projects at the Europa-Park Talent Academy.
We are always happy when you drop by and spend your break with us.

Our The K. Crew made an appearance in Italy early Saturday night, on the open-air stage.
Many park visitors stayed out in the sun and cheered the performance of the boys and girls.
Yet another great event, providing plenty of stage experience and presence to help our team prepare for America.

Wicked, just incredible.
Our ‘The K. Crew’ has won first place at Hip Hop International!  
USA, here we come. We are more than speechless and completely thrilled with both the kids and parents. Thanks also go to our great coach The K.