Benjamin lived one of his biggest dreams. A while ago, he asked us about a workshop with his greatest idol, Alla Klyshta. The long journey was worth it for the talented Belgian, as he learned some great tips and many new tricks.

All the best to you, Benjamin!

On Tuesday, our The K. Crew arrived back from Phoenix! ???? This trip was a great experience for them, and we are very proud of their performance!???? We are glad to have you all back safely.☺️

After a long drive from Phoenix to San Diego, we crowned the day with a dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

Unfortunately, Team Germany and our The K. Crew did not qualify for the semi-finals.

Nevertheless, we very much enjoyed the performance, and what a stage! We’re fascinated by the other crews and their achievements. What an unforgettable experience!

The last speech before the biggest gig of all time!! 
Number 8- The K. Crew- Team Germany!!????????

Alongside Ed we are strengthening our The K. Crew with a motivating breakfast! It’s the foundation for today’s World Championship.????????????????????

Below is a lovely press release from RegioTrends about our ‘The K. Crew’, currently in Phoenix at Hip Hop International!…/…

A total of 50 different countries are being represented at the Dance World Championship in the next few days.

‘Which team? GERMANY!’

Whether at the airport in Zurich, at the wheel going from California to Arizona or relaxing in the pool when it’s a summery 40 degrees. 

Ed Euromaus is our constant companion, and lucky charm.

Benedikt Weber is here at  Europa-Park to immerse you in the world of figure skaters! ????Do you dream of that big gig on the ice? Then arrange your free taster course in the EP Talent Academy today!