We held a workshop with Harry. Fantastic pictures were created and the kids had a lot of fun! Thanks to Harry der Zeichner

Our kids from the ‘Creative Painting and Drawing’ course took part in a great workshop with Miss Iceland today! They painted the northern lights together! 

After the huge success of our vernissage, we want to present our three competition winners:

? Laura Unger
? Nils Gottkewitz
? Stephan Schäfer

Please contact us immediately at the Talent Academy to pick up your prize!

Your Talent Academy team

This weekend, our young artists thrilled visitors with an exhibition of their best works. A big thank you to all the children, our trainers Uta Tebel and Olga Mai, the restaurant ‘Im Original’ and of course Lilian, who provided fantastic musical accompaniment!❤️

Today, the girls from both of our ballet groups had a fantastic trip to Baden-Baden and the Toccarion! There, they took part in a workshop with two professional dancers from the Hamburg Ballet!

Under the direction of Katja Mack, the kids and teenagers of the Europa-Park Talent Academy celebrated great successes in 2017: at the Dance World Cup in Offenburg, the ‘Green Miracles’ secured the 2nd place in the World Championship in the ‘Mini Group Modern, Jazz, Showdance’ category. ‘The K. Crew’ were also runner up champions in the ‘Junior Group Hip Hop & Street Dance’ category. They also qualified as German Champions for the final of Hip Hop International 2017 in the USA! The group were already winners at the Duisburg Dance Days.

The Europa-Park Talent Academy have organised a preview/vernissage at restaurant ‘Im Original’ in Teningen from 6th - 8th October 2017.  
The kids and teenagers from the ‘ART’ section will be presenting their artworks under the direction of Uta Tebel and Olga Mai.
Come along, we look forward to your visit!

The EPTA team spent a lovely, leisurely evening at the Silver Lake Saloon.

Just before school begins, we present the new course ‘Zumba Kids’. Happy Latin-American music makes dancing lots of fun. Zumba combines dance, movement and aerobics.

The group size is limited, so be sure to sign up quickly.

We are happy to present you the name of our new Hip Hop group: ‘2K.UP’.
After a casting on 15th July, the chosen kids will officially be training twice a week from September under the direction of THE.K Streetdancer - official
What do you think of the name?