TALENT ACADEMY Band – No Borders


The members of our band ‘No Borders’ are now professionals and can be seen on stages throughout the region.

Joining the band is only possible on request and after a short audition.

Dominik Büchele is a music coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.


Dominik Büchele

Dominik’s popularity with a wider audience grew when he took part in the 2009 talent show ‘Deutschland sucht den Superstar’.

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Other classes

DJ school

Music | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 2 | From 14 years

Become a real DJ
Learn how to create your own music mixes and what you can do in the DJ booth with the right skills. You will make mix tapes and create the perfect sets for events. Katya is looking forward to showing you all the tricks in the DJ booth.

Guitar, digitial piano, electronic drums

Music | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 1 or 2 | From 7 years

Life is better with music
From guitar to digital piano to electronic drums, you decide which instrument is right for you. In private lessons or together with your friends. Learn to feel the beat and soon you’ll be playing your favourite song.

Vocal coaching

Music | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 1 or 2 | From 7 years

Don’t just sing in the shower
Whether alone or in a group. Vocal coaching brings out the best in you and your voice. You will be amazed at what is possible with the right teaching