Circus School I & II

From 4 years

Dive into the world of the circus!

Circus school I & II is a fun way to discover the colourful world of the circus. In circus school I, the little ones learn the basics. Here they will do forward rolls, practice handstands and cartwheels, and work on their jumping skills. In circus school II, everyone aged 9 and over can get a taste of the circus, by doing somersaults on the trampoline and try their hand at juggling.

Become part of the circus school and learn different acrobatic tricks, it’s lots of fun and full of variety.

Current Circus School classes:

  • Circus School I (from 4 years) – Wednesday, 5.15pm-6.15pm, TALENT ACADEMY Studio 6
  • Circus School II (from 9 years) – Monday, 4.15pm-5.30pm, TALENT ACADEMY Studio 6
Luis Carlos is a circus school coach at the TALENT ACADEMY.


Luis Carlos

Luis Carlos was born in Rio de Janeiro, where he also successfully graduated from the ‘National Circus School’ as an acrobat and juggler.

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Ricardo Sacramento is a circus school coach in the TALENT ACADEMY.


Ricardo Sacramento

Ricardo started his career as a circus performer at the ‘National Circus School’ in Rio de Janeiro.

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Other classes


Acrobatics | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 6 | From 7 years

For beginners & advanced students
The acrobatics class focuses on body tension, balance and coordination. Beginners and advanced students alike are welcome. Flic flacs, acrobatic tricks and the basics of acrobatics are just some of the elements that are taught in this class.

Aerial acrobatics

Acrobatics | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 4 | From 10 years

Dancing in the Air
Fascination, inspiration and athletic challenge all in one: aerial acrobatics require a lot of strength, flexibility and endurance. During the individual lessons you will learn aerial tricks.

Circus gymnastic I & II

Acrobatics | TALENT ACADEMY, Studio 6 | From 6 years

Body tension & flexibility
This class focuses on body tension and flexibility. There is a lot of stretching and preparing the body for acrobatic tricks.