A picture or view can sometimes say more than a thousand words! Join us and immerse yourself in a world of imagery and body language, a world of artistic expression. To some of us, colour and canvas are what the stage and drama are to others. But one thing is always expressed in both: creativity and emotion! The children get to work with various materials that teach different colour groups and colour schemes. Different methods of painting give rise to first sketches, then portraits and impressive landscapes. Because every human being is an artist in their own way.

Creative Painting and Drawing

from 7 years (in cooperation with Faber Castell)

Once just a white sheet, now a work of art! Utilising different techniques, everyone will learn to let their creativity run free.

Price: €45 per month, 90 min/once a week


Lecturers and coaches

Uta Tebel

“Science is the mind of the world, art is the soul.” After completing her studies, Uta's path took her further and further into the artistic realm. Working with a tri-national theatre project awoke Uta's passion for painting. She is impressed by how painting helps children to see the world with open eyes and how they try to recreate what they see on canvas.

Olga Mai

"Painting is an expression of one's own personality. A balance for soul and spirit.” Even as a child, Olga was the creative inventor of the family. She participated in numerous art competitions and became fascinated in her professional life with the fields of decoration and design. She learned the ropes of painting & drawing in various workshops ran by Gisela Richter.


from 8 years


Lecturers and coaches

Ucha Birkadze

Ekaterine Robakidze