We dive into the world of picture and body language, into the world of artistic impression. For some it is colour and canvas, for others it is the stage and acting. But one thing we all have in common: creativity and feelings! The children learn how to work with materials, different colour pallets and colour compositions. Different forms of painting, we'll create sketches, portraits and impressive landscapes. If you prefer to stand on stage, you can develop your skills in Mimodrana and Acting.


Creative Painting & Drawing - from 7 years

Cartoon Design & Sketching - from 9 years

Mimodrama - from 8 years

Acting - from 10 years

Creative Painting & Drawing

from 7 years

in cooperation with Faber Castell

Once just a white sheet, now a work of art! Utilising different techniques, everyone will learn to let their creativity run free.


Uta Tebel-Barth

“Science is the mind of the world, art is the soul.” After completing her studies, Uta's path took her further and further into the artistic realm. Working with a tri-national theatre project awoke Uta's passion for painting. She is impressed by how painting helps children to see the world with open eyes and how they try to recreate what they see on canvas.

Husam Aldori

Husam was born with artistic talent. Through various classes, he had specialised in drawing year after year. With training in graphic design, fashion design, and as a make-up artist, he turned his hobby into a career.

Tanja Volk

Tanja found her love for art in Vienna. In addition to music, dance and musical, she started silk painting. In the following years she then developed a fondness for free drawing and painting on paper and canvas. Another talent of Tanja is the artistic processing of dried flowers and blossoms.

Cartoon Design & Sketching

from 9 years

Drawing characters that will tell stories. Various techniques are used to create unique drawings.


Husam Aldori

Husam was born with artistic talent. Through various classes, he had specialised in drawing year after year. With training in graphic design, fashion design, and as a make-up artist, he turned his hobby into a career.


from 8 years



Ucha Birkadze

The art of pantomime has accompanied Ucha Birkadze all his life. Born in the capital of Georgia Tbilisi, he graduated from the State University ‘Shota Rustaveli’ in theatre and film with a focus on pantomime. Until 2000, he was actively working as leading actor at the State Theatre in Tbilisi, until he then took the lead role in the theatre ensemble ‘Momodram’ in Germany. During his time in Germany, Ucha was able to put on numerous performances on major stages. He has already participated in major productions at Europa-Park among other things. Since 2007 he has been self-employed as a dance teacher for mimodramatic dance and choreography. In 2015 he founded the dance school ‘Storydance Art’ in Freiburg with his wife Ekaterine Robakidze..

Ekaterine Robakidze

Like her husband and coaching partner Ucha, Ekaterine was born in the capital of Georgia in Tbilisi. Already at the young age of 5, she became passionate about dancing. She joined the folk dance ensemble as a soloist and solo dancer and later, at the age of 18, began her diploma career as a ballet dancer at the Tbilisi State Choreographic College. After graduating she worked as a dancer and character dancer as well as soloist at the ‘State Academic Theatre’ for opera and ballet Tbilisi. In Germany, she learned pantomime and worked thirteen years as a leading actress, solo dancer and as a choreographer. She is the recipient of several international prizes, i.e. the gold medal of the state competition in folklore dance of St. Petersburg (Russia).


from 10 years

ATo move authentically on stage and express yourself with all your power - this is what is being taught in the Acting class. With games, rhythm and movement exercises and through improvisation, we learn to communicate with our body, voice, gestures and facial expressions. You can then implement what you learned in small plays and show, what acting talent lies within you.


Daniel Johnson

After completing his training as a scholarship holder at the Stage School Hamburg, Daniel earned his degree in Popular Music at the University of his hometown Paderborn and has been an enthusiastic all-round talent ever since. Whether as a singer, actor or voice actor, Daniel is a true artist, performing all over Germany. The half-German, half-British performer has grown through various musical productions (‘The diaries of Adam and Eve’, ‘Kiss me Kate’, ‘Rulantica-The Musical’, ‘Tommy Tailors Traumfabrik’ and many more), TV appearances (‘The Voice of Germany’) and live shows (AIDA Cruises, Europa-Park and much more). At Europa-Park, he is an inspiration to the audience in his shows.