New fitness course: Aero Dance with Galina Popova Fridays 7 - 8pm


Aero Dance combines aerobics and dance. Train your stamina through colourful dance and choreography to upbeat music! This fitness class is for everyone who enjoys moving to rhythmic music.

Taster courses in ballet NOW available! After the holidays, take a free taster session in one of our courses and let yourself be whisked away into the world of dance.

Just in time for the start of the school on Monday, the BACK TO SCHOOL package is now available for €8.  Each of the individual itemssuch as gym bag, writing pad, pen and bracelet are available individually for a reduced cost.

Are ‘Broadway’ and the ‘42d Street’ not just street names to you? ‘Grease’ and ‘Hairspray' not just cosmetics? And ‘Cats’ and ‘The Lion King’ more than just a trip to the animal kingdom? Share your passion with us. Together, we’ll study the dance choreographies of major musical productions and learn how to perform them on stage. Register now for a taster course!

Do you love to slip into different roles? Have you always had fun dressing up and entertaining everyone around you? Or maybe you just want to find out which hidden acting talents lie dormant within you? Sign up now for a taster course. Playful and fun, we’ll discover your talents together!

Do you have music in your veins? Do you want to learn a new instrument or expand your existing knowledge? Then try our brand new e-drum lesson!

Back on the schedule from September:
on Thursdays 7 - 8pm

Thanks to his many years of experience as an instructor, our trainer Daniel knows just how to motivate the participants, with carefully selected beats for different pedalling speeds to give your heart rate a kick. During his training sessions, he does once-a-week indoor racing training to ensure that you are ready for the cycling season in just a few months.

For just €10, a individual lesson can be booked with no membership required!

Below are a few of our courses up until the holidays.
NEW: SHOWDANCE with Ekaterina Alberts
Wednesdays, 4 - 5.30pm

A colourful mix of jazz, contemporary and pop; welcome to the world of show dance! Are you ready to perform on the big stage and enchant your audience with amazing choreography?

Then sign up for a free trial course!

We, the ‘K. Crew’, want to thank you all for the amazing support we have received from all our sponsors, without whom we could not have started this journey.


And a special thanks to Europa-Park

We were invited to the premiere of ‘Happy Family’ yesterday! We were very grateful for the invitation, and had a great evening. Many Thanks!