...and which locations are being used? Linda discovers all this and more on her journey behind the scenes of ‘The Secret’. Have a look! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_dfGzbohvU&feature=youtu.be ?


Not even a week to go until our big talent show! To make your wait feel a little shorter, our scholarship recipient Linda takes you on an exciting journey behind the scenes of The Secret. Have fun with episode 1 of the exciting backstage tour! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_98sF2rzYs ?




Katja Mack and Jacqueline Ette are on EP Radio Talk today. Among other topics, the listeners will get many interesting insights into the upcoming Talent Show.?️?☺️ 

HToday we were able to welcome Jörg von HITRADIO OHR to the Talent Academy. An interesting and insightful interview with the main actor Chilian and Katja Mack was recorded.

We'll keep you up to date when the post is online - it's worth listening in. 
Thanks to HITRADIO OHR and Black Forest Radio :-)


We are delighted to welcome this great Broadway Team and YOU as attendees!

And best of all, there are still places you can sign up quickly at 

Last week, our Kids from the Painting & Drawing - Courses were inspired by the new Europa - Park Musical: ‘Rulantica - The Musical’ to create an art exhibition on the subject of Rulantica! All kids were excited. Have you seen the musical already? ? ????‍♀️??‍♂️⚓️⛵️

For the very first time, Franziska Neye was able to present her new air acrobatics show at the Ring at today's children's press conference in the Dome of Dreams of Europa-Park! 
A big thank you goes to our trainer Marina Sakhoiia for her tireless efforts in developing the show ?? we were all excited. ?

From now on, you can buy these cool USB sticks from us at the Talent Academy for €13.90. The USB stick has a storage space of 16GB.

In addition to the usual daily routine, there are also workshops for our participants of the ‘Professional Artist Program’. Last Monday, the make-up workshop with Olesja Schleicher was held. Here, our participants were able to learn all the tricks and tips for a professional stage make-up.??

e are pleased to announce that, since March of this year, Germany’s largest theme park and the Europa-Park Talent Academy have jointly launched the two-year ‘Professional Artist Program’.
This program is attended by a total of 6 selected students from Eastern Europe.
The students will learn theory in various lessons in the morning, and will then gather practical experience in various performances and shows at Europa-Park in the afternoon. 
This way they can learn with and from the professional, international artists of the park.