Elena Petrakova

Ballet gives you a great feeling, not only when practicing the highest form of ballet, the toe-dance. Elena is looking forward to delicately conveying this artful dance form. Her knowledge is vast, having gained a lot of experience over the last 30 years as a choreographer, ballet instructor and director of a dance collective. Elena Petrakova has become a major figure in the ballet culture of Kazakhstan, through international competitions and festivals, with the ‘Arabeski’ Theatre, who hold the 2001 Ensemble of the Year award. Elena also received a government medal for her contribution to the development of culture in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Viktoria Tereschenko

Viktoria won first prize in 2000 for the ‘Instructor of the Year’ and has received numerous other certificates, such as the ‘Certificate of International Olympic Committee’. In addition to her high level of expertise, she is distinguished in her educational skill. With international experience in Moscow, Zagreb, Osihek and Tbilisi, she is definitely one of our best coaches.

Ulrike Groß

Ulrike is a trained stage dancer. She is a teacher as well as freelance dancer. In addition to advanced training through workshops in Germany, she keeps travelling back to her old home Bangkok in order to practice and give workshops there. In the past years, she was part of the musical ensemble of 'Addams Family' and 'Hair' (Burgfestspiele Jagsthausen). Ulrike is currently also studying dance sciences in Bern.

Beatrix Tanyi

At the tender age of 6, Beatrix Tanyi took her first step onto the ice. Thus began her journey to ice rinks around the world. As an ice dancer and synchronised skater, she has travelled to countries such as Mexico, Italy, Spain and Greece. Beatrix has also achieved great success in her home country Hungary, and has already begun to pass on her skills to the next generation. Having spent several years as an artist in the Europa-Park Ice Shows, she is now even more delighted to also be a part of the Europa-Park Talent Academy's qualified coaching team and share her knowledge to our future talents.

Margarita Amann

Margarita has been loving performing on stage ever since she was a child. She decided to become a professional circus artist and aerial acrobat before performing on many stages in across Asia and Europe in different circus disciplines. Margarita would like to pass on her years of experience to young artists and to share her passion for circus with them.

Ricardo Sacramento

When it comes to conveying his skills to the children, for Ricardo, there’s nothing to it; it’s a labour of love. He began his career as a circus performer at the National Circus School in Rio de Janeiro. He has superb skills in juggling, fire artistry, unicycling, stilt walking and clowning. He has twice won the TV talent competition ‘Se vira nos 30’ thanks to his diverse set of skills.

Dominik Büchele

In 2009, Dominik became widely known after appearing on the casting show ‘Deutschland sucht den Superstar’. This was followed by two solo albums that placed in the German charts. Since then he has been touring the country, playing concerts with his band ‘Umleitung’. In 2016, Dominik completed his studies at the ‘International Music College Freiburg’ and now works as a composer, singer and guitarist for various projects. He taught himself to play the guitar at a young age and is excited to share what he has learned about music to his students.

Mathieu Schmitt

Mathieu has had a burning passion for music since he was eleven years old. Since then, the French-German musician has been a bassist, guitarist and drummer in numerous bands and projects. He completed his musical education at the Jazz & Rock School in Freiburg, where he further refined his chosen craft. Mathieu is full of motivation and is keen to teach and develop a sense of interplay and rhythm with every student, as well as training their hearing intensively.

Uta Tebel-Barth

“Science is the mind of the world, art is the soul.” After completing her studies, Uta's path took her further and further into the artistic realm. Working with a tri-national theatre project awoke Uta's passion for painting. She is impressed by how painting helps children to see the world with open eyes and how they try to recreate what they see on canvas.

„The K“

The street dancer ‘The K’, who made a name for himself through the TV show ‘Got to dance’ has been teaching the group ‘The K. Crew’ since September 2015. ‘The K’ regularly hosts workshops in Romania, France, Italy, Peru and Japan. As a dancer, choreographer and model, he brings plenty of international experience and is an asset to the coaching team of the Talent Academy.

Brigitta Pal

Brigitta was a passionate dancer at the National Ballet in Hungary. In addition to this, she successfully completed a postgraduate degree and thus earned the title ‘Master of Advanced Studies ZFH in Dance Education’. Today, Brigitta oversees the direction of the Europa-Park Ballet with absolute passion. Having taught at many ballet schools, she brings a wealth of experience in instructing children and adolescents.

Sandra Escoda

Sandra Escoda loves figure skating and thinks it's something extraordinary that, as a Spaniard, she's interested in something that takes place on the cold ice. But as a 6-time Spanish champion and having participated in several European and World Cups, she realised it is right where she belongs. Sandra has therefore made her passion a profession. On one hand she has completed her sports studies, on the other she has qualified as a trainer for figure skating. Since 2009, she has been responsible for the ice show at Europa-Park.

Tanja Volk

Tanja found her love for art in Vienna. In addition to music, dance and musical, she started silk painting. In the following years she then developed a fondness for free drawing and painting on paper and canvas. Another talent of Tanja is the artistic processing of dried flowers and blossoms.

Franziska Wolf

Already at a young age, Franziska started to take dance lessons and gained experience on stage during different performances and competitions. Her passion turned into her profession when she completed a 3-year education to become a professional dancer and dance teacher. During her stays in New York and Los Angeles she was able to further broaden her knowledge of dance. Franziska also danced several productions of theatre and shows in Germany and abroad. As leader of different groups she won several gold, silver and bronze prices for her choreographies. She is also part of workshops as a teacher.

Husam Aldori

Husam was born with artistic talent. Through various classes, he had specialised in drawing year after year. With training in graphic design, fashion design, and as a make-up artist, he turned his hobby into a career.

Ekaterine Robakidze

Like her husband and coaching partner Ucha, Ekaterine was born in the capital of Georgia in Tbilisi. Already at the young age of 5, she became passionate about dancing. She joined the folk dance ensemble as a soloist and solo dancer and later, at the age of 18, began her diploma career as a ballet dancer at the Tbilisi State Choreographic College. After graduating she worked as a dancer and character dancer as well as soloist at the ‘State Academic Theatre’ for opera and ballet Tbilisi. In Germany, she learned pantomime and worked thirteen years as a leading actress, solo dancer and as a choreographer. She is the recipient of several international prizes, i.e. the gold medal of the state competition in folklore dance of St. Petersburg (Russia).

Ucha Birkadze

The art of pantomime has accompanied Ucha Birkadze all his life. Born in the capital of Georgia Tbilisi, he graduated from the State University ‘Shota Rustaveli’ in theatre and film with a focus on pantomime. Until 2000, he was actively working as leading actor at the State Theatre in Tbilisi, until he then took the lead role in the theatre ensemble ‘Momodram’ in Germany. During his time in Germany, Ucha was able to put on numerous performances on major stages. He has already participated in major productions at Europa-Park among other things. Since 2007 he has been self-employed as a dance teacher for mimodramatic dance and choreography. In 2015 he founded the dance school ‘Storydance Art’ in Freiburg with his wife Ekaterine Robakidze.

Mirko Büchele

Mirko discovered his love for music when he was 12 years old. He learned to play the piano and has since participated in many different projects as a pianist, singer, bassist, arranger and composer. In 2015 he completed his music studies at the ‘International Music College Freiburg’. He also composes music for film and television.

Cecilia Alvarez

Cecilia comes from a family of dancers and has been dancing since she was a small child. She studied Spanish dance at the dance school in Valencia. After completing her studies, she worked in the city's various theatres until she came to Europa-Park in 2005 as a flamenco show dancer. Since 2010, she has been directing the flamenco show group with everything that comes with it: choreography, music and costume choices. Her new challenge is to share and convey her love of Spanish dance to her students.

Sebo Falkovic

Since he was a teenager, Sebo has been passionately dancing hip-hop with all its styles and facets. What began as a hobby became a profession. As a hip-hop dancer and choreographer, he has plenty of references, not least his participation in the TV show ‘Got to Dance’ 2015 and a second place at the German Championship of the United Dance Organization 2018. As a coach he passes on the skills he has learned over the years to the children.

Iurii Grynchuk

Iurii Grynchuk started practicing acrobatics at the age of 12. While still a student at the National University of Physical and Sports Education in the Ukraine, he began his career. Having received many awards, he has astonished people all over the world; in North and South America, Asia and Europe. During this exciting journey, he has gained a lot of stage experience as well as acrobatic know-how, which he now wants to pass on to students at the Talent Academy.

Anderson Hilberer

After his degree as a Circus Artist which he obtained from the 'National Circus School' of Rio de Janeiro, he imparted his skills to children by supporting a social project at the capital of Brazil for 15 years. From 2007-2015 he was an Artist at Europa-Park and has taken part in several shows. His artistic focus is on acrobatics, clownery and juggling.

Mira Jayne

The artist from New York has already conquered many stages of the world through her diverse training in dance, acting and singing. In 2020 she successfully completed her training in the famous and renovated Broadway Dance Center. Mira was able to show off her skills in the Europa-Park Show Ballet, as well as in several film and TV productions. She will give the children an insight into stage life with plenty of fun in her course. Her participants can look forward to choreographies created by her, as well as choreographies from the Broadway repertoire.

Daniel Johnson

After completing his training as a scholarship holder at the Stage School Hamburg, Daniel earned his degree in Popular Music at the University of his hometown Paderborn and has been an enthusiastic all-round talent ever since. Whether as a singer, actor or voice actor, Daniel is a true artist, performing all over Germany. The half-German, half-British performer has grown through various musical productions (‘The diaries of Adam and Eve’, ‘Kiss me Kate’, ‘Rulantica-The Musical’, ‘Tommy Tailors Traumfabrik’ and many more), TV appearances (‘The Voice of Germany’) and live shows (AIDA Cruises, Europa-Park and much more). At Europa-Park, he is an inspiration to the audience in his shows.

Bethan Bache

At the age of 6, Bethan discovered her passion for tap dancing. Her talent took her to the IDO Tap World Championship, where she brought back five gold medals to her home country Great Britain with the group ‘Tap Attack’. Since graduating from the Wilkes Academy of Performing Arts in 2019, she has been part of the Europa-Park Show Ballet. Bethan has always had a great passion for teaching and wants to inspire other people by passing on their knowledge and skills to the next generation.

Anastasiia Manoilo

After finishing her sports career in figure skating, Anastasiia studied stage performance and choreography in the Ukraine for 5 years. She gained stage experience not only on the ice, but also on the stages of the world, where she could showcase her talent with hula hoops. Anastasiia conquered Europa-Park in 2014 and won the ‘Brass Ring Award for Excellence in Live Entertainment’ in 2016. She is excited to share her hula hoop skills.

Varvara Mamonkina

Dancing is the poetry of the feet. Varvara understood this concept even as a child. In order to write her own poetry, she combined her life with dancing. As a graduate of the Volgograd State Institute for Art and Culture, she learned the profession of dance teacher, as well as ‘choreographic director’ of a dance company. In Russia she worked for 5 years as a ballet dancer in the Volgograd State Opera and Ballet Theatre, at the same time gaining experience as a dance teacher. This brought Varvara to the stages of the world. She is happy to share all of her experience and knowledge with the new generation, so that they too can learn the ‘poetry of the feet’.

Thomas Janke

As a child, after attending shows with his father, Thomas developed a great interest in the art of juggling, so he began to train at home with fruit and eggs. At the age of 11, Thomas Janke was considered an exceptional talent at competitions & festivals. In 2006, he was discovered by well-known show producers at the renowned ‘European Youth Circus’ in Wiesbaden, among others. His still-young career began with numerous appearances in TV, gala, circus and variety shows. He made his hobby his career and is now considered one of the best & fastest professional jugglers in the world. He's currently showing off his skills in Europa-Park.

Irina Boikova

Even as a child, Irina knew that dancing would become her profession. Irina completed a dance and choreographic training at the State University for Culture and Art in St. Petersburg and received her college diploma as a dance teacher and music artist. She also completed a dance and choreographic training course at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City. This was followed by engagements on various stages in Europe, including in Europa-Park.

Iryna Bessonova

At the age of 6 Iryna discovered acrobatics for herself and went on to win several world championships. In 2003 she worked as an artist at the Junior Festival in Monte Carlo, where she was awarded a prize by the prince. Iryna has already conquered the stages of the world and has worked as an artist in Australia, the USA, Italy and many other countries. She is excited about passing on her expertise so that children can discover their passion for acrobatics.

Кatya Ostrovski

Katya Ostrovski is a charismatic DJane & dancer. She lights a fire in the hearts of the most sophisticated clubbers in Ukraine, in Germany, in the Seychelles, in India and many more countries. In addition to her love for music, Katya is also a successful dancer. She has showcased her talent on many international stages and holds a Master’s degree in choreography.

Anna Moskalenko

Anna started folk and modern dance at the age of 6. She has successfully graduated from the University of Culture and Art as a choreographer and artist. Since 2015, she can be seen in various shows at Europa-Park. In 2017 she discovered the Vogue style for herself. With this extravagant dance style, which is both feminine and stylish at the same time, she can use her skills in a special way.