Andreas Grunenberg-Masche

For Andreas, yoga is much more than a job. Yoga has changed his life. Through yoga he has learned to let go. He shares his positive and relaxed methods with his way to all of his participants.

Oxana Weide

A life without dance is unimaginable for Oxana. In her youth, she was actively involved in various salsa-clubs and the Schwarz-Weiß Dance Sport club. Then Zumba® conquered dance studios, as well as Oxana's heart. Since 2012, she has been sharing her love for this unique style of dance fitness party as a certified Zumba® instructor. It is worth a try!

Daniel Wagner

Cycling is more than just a hobby for our spinning coach Daniel Wagner. With his many years of experience as an instructor, he knows just how to motivate the participants with carefully selected beats for different pedalling speeds to give your heart rate a kick. During his training sessions, he does once-a-week indoor racing training to ensure that you are ready for the cycling season in just a few months.

Kerstin Wohnlich

Since the age of four, sport has played a very important role for Kerstin. Whether in martial arts, in the elegance of gymnastics, ballet, air acrobatics or, now, in the functional areas: she always feels at home. Sport and exercise, the achievement of new goals, the growth of self-esteem: all these are great developments. Today, she is looking forward to sharing all her knowledge with the people in her class.

Irina Meier

Since her childhood in Kazakhstan, Irina has been interested in dancing, which after a while also developed her love for aerobics. With the move to Germany, Irina has discovered other sports. For her, there is nothing better than feeling good in your body, so Irina decided to train as a fitness trainer to get people excited about sport.